Monday, 1 January 2007

Everything as it was before

Well, dawn broke and heralded in the new year; The end of 2006 was a quiet end to a busy year.

New beginnings bring new challenges and no sooner had the new year begun than Dave, our mechanic, sent out the exercise programme for the coming 3 months. The pattern is as we always plan it to give a mix of day and night exercise, weekend and weekday:

07/01/07 - 10:00
17/01/07 - 19:00 (with CoBT assessor)
28/01/07 - 10:00
07/02/07 - 19:00
18/02/07 - 10:00
28/02/07 - 19:00
11/03/07 - 10:00
21/03/07 - 19:00 (Crew meeting)
01/04/07 - 10:00

Our second exercise of the year will be with our CoBT assessor (CoBT stands for competency based training). This happens about once every 3 months and allows crewmembers who think they are competent at particular parts of the training scheme to be assessed in their competence and then either failed our passed. I will try to explain this system in more detail soon. We also have a crew meeting scheduled for every 3 month cycle. This allows important messages to be relayed in person by the Coxswain and importantly, gives us a chance to vote potential crew onto the crew.

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