Friday, 12 January 2007

Further family ties

This morning's photo of Anvil point light got me thinking of the stark beauty of buildings close to the sea edge and light houses in particular. Searching briefly for more photos of Anvil point light led me to this lovely photo which puts my feeble effort of yesterday to shame. And what a photographic find, not only of our lighthouse but taken by an ex-crewmember, David Corben. Dave is a mustard keen photographer who delights in photographing our local area whilst out walking Dougal.

Dave was long a member of our crew, as was his brother John and before them his father Eddie. His son Anthony is now on the crew and his fabulous wife Marion served as the treasurer of the station until recently........Another Lifeboat Family if ever there was one. Dave achieved legendary status on the crew for his utter politeness whilst manning the radio (something he did almost by birth-right). Some suspected an ulterior motive in this as his day job was as an estate agent in the town. So attached was Dave to 'his' seat by the radio that it was even alleged that on the day he retired his oilskins were still in their plastic wrapper. I certainly never saw him come even remotely close to getting wet.

Dave has now retired from the crew but maintains his link with us by being one of our 'Deputy Launching Authorities'. For one week in 4 he is the first point of contact for the Coastguard and it is he who gives permission to page the crew. A lifetime of service to the RNLI and he doesn't even like boats!


Anonymous said...

What about Ant and Marion!

lifeboatjohn said...

Changes offence intended! Humble apologies.....