Wednesday, 3 January 2007


It was requested today that I be present at the boathouse at 12.30 to be interviewed by a researcher about volunteering with the RNLI. Recently the RNLI has published it 'Volunteer Commitment', a code of conduct if you like, in which is set out what a volunteer can expect from the RNLI and in turn, what the RNLI can expect in return. All very sensible but no doubt designed to protect the RNLI from being sued by disgruntled crewmembers. Still, the charming lady wanted to know my views so, being a Yorkshireman (we say what we like and like what we say), I told her exactly what I thought of the new policy: I feel it is necessary but rather patronising.

Whilst thinking about this I did find the following on the RNLI site which I thought might be of interest:

To become a lifeboat crew member, you need to:
¤ be over 17 (with the permission of your parents) or over 18 years old
¤ be under 45 years old (inshore lifeboat) or 55 (all weather lifeboat)
¤ pass a medical and eyesight test
¤ be physically fit
¤ live and/or work close to a lifeboat station
¤ pass a probationary period that usually lasts for one year
¤ be a team player and be accepted by the rest of the crew
¤ enjoy hard physical work

Crew members also need good personal skills. This means you need to:
¤ get on well with other people
¤ communicate easily - that means talking and listening!
¤ obey orders when required to

It is pretty hard to imagine that all of our crew fulfill all of these criteria! Talking of which, Tom (the fisherman) was today refusing to read the blog on the grounds that there has thus far been no photo of him. Here you go then.......the gorgeous Tom!

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