Monday, 22 January 2007

Absurd thoughts

Well, often I feel passionately angry about absurd H&S rules, signage and regulations. Not because I necessarily disagree with the advice, rather because of the sense that I get that I am being patronised. At the top of our slipway is this notice.
Clearly it makes sense, you're operating near water, possibly on a boat, probably in rough weather. Despite this obvious reality, I can't help but be irritated that I have to be treated like an idiot purely because someone else is terrified of being sued by other people who patently are idiots.

However, I still chuckle at the thought that we must wear lifejackets on the slipway yet it's fine for us to proceed to sea in storm force winds. I think that makes it 1 all?

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Captain USpace said...

Googling ‘absurd thoughts’ I came upon this interesting bit of absurdity. Well done, good point and food for thought! The Nanny State at sea.

Btw, here is an interesting boating emergency program some friends of mine put together.
Suddenly Alone Seminars

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