Thursday, 7 October 2010

Front page

This quarter's Lifeboat, Offshore and Compass magazines have just fallen on the door matt. There's a couple of photos and mentions of Swanage Lifeboat inside due to the service we performed in August with the local trip boat. It's always nice to get a mention!

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Expect the un-expected

So, I went for a paddle with a few mates this afternoon. A classic trip in our parts, K-Bay to Swanage. A 2 1/2 hour trip if you play the tides right and usually a few lumpy spots of fun around the headlands.

Steve also came with us as I have two lovely sea kayaks at the moment...we even managed to practise a few Shanties!

And then, before we really knew what was happening we had been sucked into a rescue of two climbers. As Eurion paddled past he noticed them waving. Of course he waved and paddled you do! We then noticed that the climbers were actually very friendly indeed, and in fact, perhaps not just friendly but also stuck. Upon paddling closer and having a chat this in fact turned out to be the case.

So we did what we do...called the Coastguard and explained the situation and what we thought might be the correct assistance. Naturally the Coastguards tone on the radio changed ever so slightly once they realised that they were dealing with two fellas who had seen this situation a number of times before. So we waited around at the base of the cliff (in a rather uncomfortable swell) until the Coastguard cliff rescue team arrived on scene and we had guided them to the spot.

So we then carried on our way...

And returned to Swanage feeling like quite the dutiful citizens...

All good.