Monday, 8 January 2007

Searching in vain

Imagine the misery of standing on the deck of a lifeboat in desperate weather; Searching without cease for signs of life in the tossing swell. As lifeboat crew we have all been there, sometimes for 1/2 an hour and sometimes for a day at a time. Believe me it is soul destroying: Fifteen minutes and you are loosing efficiency, half an hour you're beaten. And yet we carry on. I spur myself on by imagining it is one of my loved ones out there, it certainly helps one to focus on the vitality of the task. Yet often we search in vain..........none more vain than Weymouth's search last week. A hoax call. Some one's idea of a sick joke.

Ha, bloody, ha.

I am deep in the heart of a storm rolling sea
A hundred miles from safety on the shore
But lost in you're arms that's where I should be
Rescue me and I'll sail no more

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