Thursday, 4 January 2007

That was the year that was

Well, here they are, our end of year Statistics. Dave has very kindly added a column for Canoes and Kayaks so that those kayaking friends of mine can see exactly how much trouble we manage to get ourselves into in comparison wth other water users.

Launch stats for 2006

Number of launches this year
Both boats 18
D Class 21
Mersey 18

Launches to casualty types
Canoe/Kayak 3
Climber 2
Commercial Vessel 1
Dinghy 6
Diver/Dive boat 1
Jet Ski 0
Medivac 0
Miscellaneous 7
Missing person 4
Motor boat 12
Rambler/Walker 2
Swimmer 2
Windsurfer 0
Yacht 17

This gives a total of 57 shouts in total, an average year for us.

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