Friday, 22 August 2008

When worlds collide

Two years ago we rescued a German yacht which had been dismasted in the channel. Naturally being so far from home I guessed it would be tricky for the skipper (Dieter) to sort the boat out so I put him in touch with a boatyard, rigger and sailmaker who would help him put her back together again.

Dieter has since kept in touch and has sailed his boat to Northern Spain. Once again my local contacts proved useful to him (my father lives in that neck of the woods). I've just heard from Dieter once more and found that he has met my father this summer and they have been out for Tapas together. What a small world!


this year it was possible for us to sail from La Coruna where SWABEDOO stayed over the winter to Vigo. In Baiona we met your father and we passed a very nice evening. He told me that you have his email adress, and it would be fine, if you could send it to me. So I can inform him when I will stay again in this beautiful corner of spain.
Hope that everything is okay in swanage
and thank you again that I could meet your father.


(If you are father is the gnome-like creature in the middle)!

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

You never know when someone is taking your photo...

It's a sad day when a chap responding to a lifeboat call out can't leave his bike without fear of it being stolen and abused.

Fortunately for me (and the shout bike) Tim Healy was on hand to capture the incident on film.

I think I know where the villain lives.......

Monday, 18 August 2008

Lifeboat Sunday

Lifeboat Sunday kicked off with a shout first thing in the morning. Pretty unremarkable really except that it was Darren's first proper shout. A milestone in any lifeboating career, Daz will be pretty chuffed to have got out of the blocks.

Here he is admiring his handiwork having just set up the tow.

The new rescue helicopter Rescue 106 came over for a demonstration in the middle of the afternoon. Here James tries to look relaxed as he is lifted into her for the first time.

Thanks to Jeff and Dan Lander for providing our casualty vessel the 'Star of Hennock' (and for taking my youngsters to sea).

The First Aid demonstration was both realistic and well attended. Indeed it was a joy to watch with our crew looking confident and skillful.

As ever, the week concluded with the Lifeboat service on the Pier. The Rev Will Watts took the service while Nick did the talk (and excellent it was too).

Afterwards we took a turn around the bay with Will and a few other helpers and dignitaries before heading in to rehouse.

Dee and Emma were there and loving it! (Thanks for all of your help during the week)!

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Here and gone

So Lifeboat week has finished. It's certainly been busy but also a lot of fun for all involved I think? As usual I have loads of photos, I will try and get organised over the next few days and put as many up as I can manage.

In a moving ceremony Deasy tapped the first barrel (all the beer was provided by the Ship...thanks Nathan)at about 4pm on Friday. I'm not sure exactly how many were drunk altogether but it was many!

Black Sheep kicked off the entertainment on Friday night with a spot of country dancing. As expected the crew interpreted this as an invitation to throw each other about wildly.

Stormy Stan showed up with his bucket many times and proved to be a real hit with the local girls.

And the crew seemed to be having a great time.

Lots of hugs and happy smiles all round...

Friday, 15 August 2008


Wednesday night was the quiz night in the Conservative club. It was really well attended as usual and things went superbly. Not surprisingly one of the lifeboat teams won the 'wooden spoon' once more...well done 'SeaBass'!

Today is a busy day setting up things for the weekend down at Prince Albert Gardens. All the crew are meeting at 9 for a briefing and sharing out jobs. Busy times.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Please give generously!

Right, so I promised a few more photos so here they are (once again courtesy of Kim).

I also just wanted to say a huge thank you to all those of you who have given so generously to our fundraising page. So far we have raised roughly £1000 which with the 'Gift Aid' added rounds up to something like £1300. Not bad hey?

Of course if anyone still wishes to donate it is still possible to do so. So please Do...

Darren performed awesomely well. He easily led the team and made us look pretty professional!

John looked very strong on the bike (thanks Jason), tour de farce next year?

As usual I cruised along in my comfort zone enjoying the view.

Darren still looked annoyingly strong at the finish.

Indeed, many of the supporters looked more jaded than Darren! Notice the dynamic of this photo. All eyes are focused on Deasy...presumably he is in the middle of telling them all how well he did?!

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Swanage Classic Triathlon

Well, I promised a few photos of the big day, here are a few of Kim's which she dropped off earlier this afternoon. They are superb and really capture the fun (and the pain) of the event. There's just a few for now as I'm a bit tired, perhaps more in the morning!So this was Deasy and I preparing for the start of the swim.And this is us underway. Hint, we're the one's wearing yellow caps!This is Liz just coming up into the transition area after her swim...looking fresh and ready for action!Followed by Deasy...Then holding the Lantern Rouge...yours truly.

More tomorrow. Goodnight.

(Thanks to Kim Notley for the superb photos.)

Job done.....

Well, finally the long awaited day has come. Team Swanage Lifeboat has completed the Swanage Classic Triathlon and, if I might be permitted to say, has done so in fine style.

We each had our own personal goals and mostly achieved them, so well done Darren, Liz and John (x2).

Later this evening when I have recovered a bit (and Kim has sent me her photos...hint, hint) I will post a few pictures of the action and tell a few stories about the event. For now though I just want to say a huge thank you to all of the crew, wives, girlfriends and mates who turned up so early to cheer us on, laugh and generally take the piss! You know who you all are (except Matt who's probably forgotten) so thanks, it was much appreciated. Mwa!

Saturday, 9 August 2008

T- 1 and counting, Triathlon day is tomorrow (Sunday)

Daz and I went to register and collect our joining packs at lunchtime today. Because of the rubbish weather, registration was in the Mowlem community room on Swanage seafront. We also had to register the Gilmour's as they were both still away on a family holiday!
If anyone is planning to watch tomorrow then here are Team Swanage Lifeboat race numbers: Thanks to the RNLI fundraising department at divisional base for lifeboat vests
  • John Deas 424
  • John Gilmour 431
  • Liz Gilmour 46
  • Darren Tomes 99

Darren & Liz will be starting the swim at 6.45am!

Swim - Cycle transition hopefully between 7.10 - 7-20am

Cycle - Run Transition 8.25 -8.40 am

And finish between 9.30 - 9.45 am

Both Johns will be starting the swim at 7.20 am

Swim - Cycle transition hopefully between 7.45 - 7-55am

Cycle - Run Transition 9.00 -9.15 am

And finish between 10.05 - 10.20 am

Lets hope the weather is kind to us all, and Please come and support us if you can we will need it!

I will hand the blog back to John tomorrow for the results and some race details....

Pasta and early night tonight, lets hope the pagers stay silent!

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Ahh! Only 5 days to go until Triathlon day

All the training is done, no more to do but sit, wait, and eat lots of pasta!
Oh and clean the bike....

Another 2 Divers!

Another two missing divers on Sunday afternoon, this time missing from a local dive charter boat after diving aprox 300m North of Swanage Pier. Both the Swanage Lifeboats were tasked along with the Coastguard Rescue Helicopter, the Swanage Coastguard and various local boats. Both lifeboats launched and started searching concentrating mostly on the area around the pier and around the moored boats. A few pairs of divers were located but none were the ones missing from the boat. After ten minutes or so of searching the two divers were located safe and well ashore on Swanage Pier so all units were stood down to return to station.

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Capsized Pico!

Most of the crew were back up at sandpit field for another lemonade when the pagers went off for the second shout of the day. At 18:56 Portland Coastguard requested the launch of Swanage's Inshore Lifeboat to go to the assistance of a small sailing dinghy in difficulties 200 yards off Swanage Pier with people in the water. The lifeboat launched and was quickly on scene. The young lad that had been in the water was taken back to the boathouse, wrapped in blankets and warmed up. The Lifeboat then went back out to help recover the boat and towed it back to the boat park.

2 Missing Divers

At 14.15 on Saturday afternoon the pagers went off, we had all sat down for a well earned lemonade after the first couple of events for the carnival extreme team competition.
Portland Coastguard requested the launch of both the Swanage Lifeboats to assist in the search for 2 divers missing from a local dive charter boat. The divers had been diving approx 1Nm South of Anvil Point and were now overdue. Both the lifeboats launched and proceeded on route, just as the ILB was arriving on scene the 2 divers were found by another dive boat in the area. Once it was confirmed that these were the missing divers all units were stood down to return to station. A good outcome for all!

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Extreme Team & 2 Lifeboat shouts!

We still managed to pull off second place in the Extreme team event, whilst doing a Both boat shout for 2 missing divers and persons in the water from a capsized sailing dingy....
More details tomorrow, I am off out for some well earned dinner!

Once Team Swanage Lifeboat cleared the mayhem at the start they opened up a good 2/3 minute lead up the hill before the tricky down hill section!
You will be pleased to know the Lifeboat team rompted home in 1st place.
Off for carnival Extreme team now.....
Come on the Lifeboat!

Chop & Will from Swanage & Wareham rugby ladies were in their well used matching outfits!

The Wheel barrow had Will hearts Chop on the side.... Make your own mind up!

I say old chap looks like a Victorian photo of a previous race, but its not....

Carnage at the 2nd drink stop!

Photo thanks to Dee Bowden

Martin Steeden the Lifeboat Coxswain entered with his SSRC team member Dee.
Martin looks like he cant wait to start!

Wheel Barrow fun!

Last night was the annual carnival wheel barrow race. The picture shows the competitors on the grid ready to go, around 50 strong this year!
Team Swanage Lifeboat were in attendance, John Deas & Gavin Steeden were towards the front of the line up in their JEWSON sponsored wheel barrow, Cheers Skid!

Friday, 1 August 2008

Swim, Bike, Run

Well, the training for our triathlon has gone surprisingly well. only 9 days now till the big day. We are all four of us pretty fit now and should be more than capable of completing the course!

Fundraising is going well too, so far our 'JustGiving' page has raised over a £1000 for the RNLI! People have been incredibly generous both with their money and their comments. I thought I'd include a few here. Of course there is still plenty of time for you to make a donation if you like. Perhaps if you are a regular reader and enjoy the blog you might consider a small donation? You can do so here if you wish.

-All the best - what fun you will have :@)
-Like you I want to be the best!
-Best of luck all - hoping at least one of you finishes ahead of Deas !
-Where's my trailer Deas?
-Good luck to you all :)
-Have fun.. Good luck!!! x
-All the very best, you can do it!
-Good luck, and try to enjoy it! (Go get 'the hill' John)
-Good on you all :)
-An excellent cause. Good luck to all of you !
-Mad as Hatters!!!
-Good luck and happy training.
-This should help you stay off the wine and women for a while - good luck!
-Have fun!
-Make sure you take both mobiles,you may need to call for help or I might need an order number!
-good luck
-£5 added for water wings
-I just hope the weather is kind
-JD quite a challenge, good luck to you all.
-Best of luck. You must be mad !
-Good luck Team Gilmour you mad bananas! What's wrong with a DVD and a packet of Pringles???
-Good luck
-Good luck John! Is Liz doing it as well?
-Good for you John, best of luck.
-Not my idea of fun! Good Luck.
-Why didn't you mention this before John? W you scared a fat northerner might have beaten you?? best of luck!
-Go for it! rather you than me!
-Good luck - my best time is 2.45 if you beat that I'll give another £10!
-Good luck
-Good luck x

On another note I am away for the next week in Denmark so John Deas will be picking up the baton with the blog. Wish him luck!

Rain or Shine

This year's lifeboat week kicks off at 7.30pm on Sunday 10th of August in Prince Albert Gardens with the Rain or Shine Theatre company performing William Shakespeare's "The Winter's Tale". The tickets are £10 (£12 on the door), children £5 (5-15) and are available from the following:

Swanage Tourist Information Centre: 01929 422885 / 08704 420680

Swanage Lifeboat Station: 01929 423237

Grounds open from 6pm for picnics, please bring your own seating and warm clothing.

This promises to be a fabulous evening, the Rain or Shine Theatre Comany are a very professional touring outfit with a reputation for stunning interpretations of Shakespeare's classics.

Please come and suppport this event as we are certain it will be a tremendous evening. Book now before it is too late!!

(Thanks to rain or shine for the image).