Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Head Launcher

We don't have many launchers here at Swanage. We don't need them, to launch we simply climb on board, take off a padlock, remove a chain and then knockout a pin. Easy work for two men. In charge of the operation at Swanage is Jon Deare, all round man of mystery. His responsibility is to knock out that pin at the vital moment when told to by the Coxswain.

Of course, whilst the boat is away Jon is not without work to do. His first priority is to use any remaining crew members to rig the slipway for the boats return. He then has the responsibility of managing the crew who remain behind. This sounds simple but in reality is not unlike trying to control bedlam in a kindergarten.........our crew are, in general a lively and spirited group of folk! Then begins the lonely vigil, waiting for the boat to return.

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