Thursday, 18 January 2007

Definition of relief?

I guess seeing these guys appear out of the gloom after you have had to abandon ship and take to your lifeboat in severe weather 50 miles from the nearest shore has to come close to a perfect definition.

French and British helicopters, tugs and lifeboats (lizard lifeboat) were en route to the scene 50 miles southeast of Lizard point this afternoon. After the container ship 'Napoli' got into difficulties and began to list with a dangerous cargo on board. Storm force waves had whipped up 9-metre waves and winds were gusting up to 80 miles per hour. In a classic understatement a Coastguard spokesman said: "It's very bad weather out there at the moment which is obviously going to make things difficult", hmm, difficult? Yes, perhaps just a bit.

Luckily all is well and in a large combined search and rescue operation things have panned out well. Thank God.....

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