Tuesday, 23 January 2007

For those in Peril?

There is an assumption that we lifeboat crew must get irritated by trivial callouts. After all, we exist to save life at sea, not to provide tows when people get into difficulty through their own fault. Yet that is not how we see it.

Neither do we feel that people should be charged for the service we provide. As soon as that starts to happen people become reluctant to make the call and our job becomes far harder. Rather than dealing with a simple situation, we would not be called until mistakes had been compounded and the situation had worsened. I've said it before; I would far rather deal with a situation in it's early stages before someone was in 'Peril' than wait until the problem had got worse. It's just the kind of guy I am, I like things simple.....

Incidentally, the owner of the yacht in the photo here was a Judge. He offered me tea or a cold drink, his wife provided cake. They were both embarrassed and enormously grateful. A couple of days later a sizable cheque arrived at the station. Only too happy to help your honour!

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