Sunday, 23 December 2007


Well, I'm not sure whether to thank Dave for his efforts or not. I've certainly enjoyed reading what he has to say, however, can I ever forgive that picture being shown the light of day? I seem to remember Jo did something similar to me in May. Perhaps I should ditch the idea of guest bloggers?

Anyway, I'm back in the hot seat and preparing for a quiet Christmas. I hope. At least I say quiet......of is the tradition in these matters my Mother-in-Law has landed. Some say she can hear you think. Others believe she can spot a false smile at a thousand paces. All I know is, she's here and she's staying for Christmas.

Wish me luck ;-)

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Mart said...

Good luck John!!

Is your Mother in Law The Stig?!

Hope you and your family and all the crew have a wonderful christmas, hopefully without that familiar beeping happening at any point (and YES it would be a BAD idea to put in a hoax call to escape the Mother in Law..........)