Friday, 7 December 2007

Washed up

Last night was the final night of our 1st Aid course. And we went out with a bang really. We turned up at the usual time and then split in half to undertake two large multi-casualty scenarios. These included; arrested patients, life-threatening bleeds, burns, entrapment, internal bleeding, fractures and a variety of illnesses. The amazing thing was that we felt liked seasoned pros dealing with it. Good thing too because the whole thing was being observed by the steely Howard Ramm.

I first came across Howard when he was a junior ILB instructor at Cowes. Since then he has risen through the ranks of the institution and has just recently been promoted to the ivory towers as Staff Officer Coast Training (at least I think that's the job title) no matter, he is now an extremely big cheese! I think he was impressed by our responses . He was also I think pleased with our level of enthusiasm for what we have learnt.

Even so, Howard is always looking one step ahead and what he is now concerned with is that we reduce our 'skill fade' to the minimum. And I agree. If this 'new style' training is to truly succeed then reducing 'skill fade' to the minimum is absolutely essential. In other words, it's not just what we know's what we know in 2 1/2 years time that matters just as much. How are we going to preserve this knowledge? Watch this space and I'll tell you once I've found out!

We had a very detailed 'wash up' afterwards and were pretty thoroughly grilled by Howard. Lots was said by all, but the overwhelming reaction from the crew was that we loved it and want more of this kind of learning experience. Finally we feel, that as a team, we are secure and confident with our emergency medical knowledge. And for that we owe a great debt of thanks to the inspirational Paul Sáuvage.......thanks mate!

Perhaps not surprisingly we retired afterwards for a swift half in 'The Ship', once more they kindly provided chips and sausages...........they too are raising their game. We like it.


Anonymous said...

Hi John I think you gathered that your blog is very popular!! and pleased you have reconsidered, your blog, to me, (landlocked Midlands)gives a true insight into your crucial role and to your training (did you all pass)Now John what about a book to follow on from the blog? there is a few bloggers that have gone on to write a book
Anyway all the very best and I will continue to look forward to reading your excellent blog

lifeboatjohn said...


Thanks for all of your kind words of support. It really is superb to get so much very positive feedback. Not what I was after but lovely all the same. I'm certainly glad that the blog seems to be achieving what I set out to achieve.

The thought had crossed my mind that a book could emerge from this. Indeed I have had some positive encouragement from Headquarters so you never know!

I'll keep you posted (that's a terrible sad blogging pun isn't it?!)