Thursday, 31 May 2007

Rules are Made to be Broken

When John gave me the role of guest blogger, he did it with the strict instructions that I was not allowed to write about him. Well, it would be rude not to wouldn't it? And as he is so keen on lists of three, I have managed to whittle my long list of things that I love about John down to that very goes, this one's for you John!

1. When you talk he listens and he cares about what you are saying. A more warm, considerate, generous and loyal friend you could not hope to meet.

2. He lives his life as a series of adventures, always up to something exciting or planning the next great expedition.

3. This man Knows how to party!

"I'll be there for you

When the rain starts to pour

I'll be there for you

Like I've been there before

I'll be there for you

'Cuz you're there for me too..."

(The Rembrants)


Anonymous said...

He's going to kill you for this :-)

Nice one.

Mart said...

Aww bless you. Sweet words. But He's still probably going to kill you!! ;o)

Anonymous said...

no not john he loves jojo!!! Gav might though!!!

Jojo said...

I think you could be right... it might be the end of my blogging career....well it was nice while it lasted!

lifeboatjohn said...

You are so very kind Jo! However, David is quite right.........I am indeed going to kill you!

Start running..........

Anonymous said...

The only John Gilmour I know got me fired from work, stole my life savings and ran off with my wife.

This must be another one.

Mark R