Friday, 14 December 2007

Spare a thought

This is Becky. At this time of Christmas cheer and goodwill towards men (and women?) she is homeless. Or more precisely, she has a home which is uninhabitable due to the inefficiencies of local workmen (who are very good but work to a slightly different timescale to many other people). So what I thought was about we auction poor old Becky to find her a home for Christmas? The highest bidder can have her for the Chirstmas period and return her in the New assured, she doesn't eat much and is quite good with the dishes.

Who'll give me a camel and two goats to get the bidding going?


René Seindal said...

I'll offer two sacks of tea and a barrel of nuts.

I would have offered more, but I already has a dishwasher :-)

Anonymous said...

Careful here, she may not eat much but she drinks like a bloody fish......

Anonymous said...

Do you think she would fit in a first aid bag???

I will offer 1 CAT Tourniquet, 2 Emergency Care dressings and a bag and mask.................!!

Always a spare futon in Poole - but may hinder your response time................?

Anonymous said...

These local tradesmen you mention, they're not connected with the Swanage Lifeboat by any chance?

lifeboatjohn said...

It sounds like the twin sacks of tea and a barrel of nuts are the best offer so far.

And yes....the local tradesmen might well be connected with a lifeboat!

Keep the bids coming.


Anonymous said...

in defence of local tradesmen, the client has been known to change her mind!........from time to time.
The coxswain says shes welcome to sleep in the ILB shed over Christmas.