Friday, 7 December 2007

An Admiral West

Gosh, well, I now feel a little bit of a fraud. I suppose on reflection yesterday's post now just looks like a vain attempt to garner some praise. It wasn't (though it was all very nice). It's just, I felt that I'd said I'd only do one year so that's what I thought I should do. Of course, it was with a rather heavy heart as I have really do enjoy doing this. I also felt that there is still a lot left to say. So............considering your reaction, what the heck, I'll carry on. Let me know if you are disappointed that I haven't stuck to my word.

In the meantime, how about anyone who has enjoyed the blog for the last year puts a quid or two on the Justgiving page? Don't feel you have to and please don't be put off by me mentioning it, but it would be a nice way to celebrate the end of the year. Cheers.

I'll put something up later on about our final day of the 1st Aid course and the de-brief with Howard Ramm.

(Thanks to Steven Bell of the Guardian for the cartoon)

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