Sunday, 16 December 2007

Off Duty

Well . . my first post. Hopefully there'll be a few interesting bits and bobs happening this week to let you know about.

Other than the Christmas Party this weekend has been a lifeboat free weekend for me. Being the only full time RNLI employee at Swanage means that things are a little different for me. I spend a lot of time on call but I do get 2 weekends a month off plus 26 days annual leave, not a patch on John I know! In order to cover my absence from station I have two deputies, Paul 'Shi' Elleray and Colin 'Skid' Marks (both pictured here giving John some well needed first aid). They are 2nd and 3rd Mechanic respectively. This weekend Paul was good enough to cover me for the Friday so I could go to Gatwick, for the Xmas party and the whole of the rest of the weekend (thanks mate). When they're giving cover they do get a small amount of money (trust me you wouldn't do it for the money!) its more of a disturbance allowance really, some weekends there's nothing to do others there are 2 or 3 shouts to keep you busy. Anyway I'm on blog duty until next Sunday, lifeboat duty through to Friday, then its my second weekend of the month off :o) John has asked me to double the number of blog readers so if you've got any sensational gossip or pics that the world needs to see then let me have them!


lifeboatjohn said...

Thanks for this Dave, I'm intrigued by the way you are managing to make it sound like you work for a living! Great stuff.


DaveO said...

Dave, Looking forward to hearing more. Welcome.