Thursday, 13 August 2009

Race night

Tonight we launched the ALB for the Swanage Sailing Club RNLI pennant race and the Swanage Sea Rowing Club RNLI Gig race. The weather was fair with a pleasant breeze so altogether a great evening.

Dave and Rob were both onboard.

The race got off to a smooth start for once with no dramas.

Our very own Lifeboat Operations Manager was taking part and seemed to be doing reasonably well.

In the rowing Martin was taking part with a team from the Gig club who looked pretty well drilled.

And our very own (and recently victorious) RNLI gig crew were taking part...though sadly less success than they are used to.


Anonymous said...

They did really well, up against established 'A' teams, take a look at the faces and read their pain! Only a few seconds from the winning boat. well done boys, I am truly proud of you!

lifeboatjohn said...

Quite, a tough bunch of lads to achieve what they did last night! They really were very close to the others.