Sunday, 9 August 2009


This is my wife, she is called Liz, she is half Scottish and half Swedish. Something about this curious genetic and cultural soup has left her afflicted with a mild sort of insanity. The latest manifestation of this has been a strange desire to swim long distances in the sea. Her latest plan is to swim from Swanage to Bournemouth during September!

Clearly she is utterly bonkers. However, if you would like to follow her progress in training, and during the actual event, you can do so here on her recently started Blog.

She is doing the swim to raise money for the Lewis Manning Hospice in Poole. This is a superb local hospice which provides palliative care for local residents with Cancer and other serious conditions. She has a 'Just Giving' page where she is aiming to raise £1000. Perhaps you could see if you can help her to reach this goal? If you feel inclined to do so you can find her page here.


(Oh, did I forget to mention that a certain local lifeboatman has been drafted in to provide the rescue cover)?

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Savage Family said...

Good luck to Liz, checked her blog out and was amused to see the lego pic. Good on you, I am often asked by my kids to leave the room, and their lego, so they can get to sleep ;-)

Great toy, can never have too much of it.

Hope you are having a good summer,