Monday, 17 August 2009

Lifeboat service

Somehow I've managed to miss out Saturday night...needless to say it was a great night and the crowd seemed to be larger than ever before.

After a busy day yesterday, including an impressive helicopter display, it was time for a final clear up and then our annual 'Lifeboat Service'. Both boats were re-housed then launched again to make their way round to the Pier for the service...once more conducted by Rev Tony Higgins, our Lifeboat Chaplain (and a previous crewmember I might add).

There was a great crowd in support and, in a typical Martin style twist, our good Coxswain had decided that we should expand the service and turn it into more of a service of the sea with a variety of local boats present. What a great idea, we even had the joy of seeing one of the Gigs filled with four generations of the extended Marsh family. Wonderful (and welcome to the lifeboat family Cameron)!

Roger had cut short a mackerel trip to join us on Precious.

Geoff Marsh and Jeff Lander had also made the effort to attend so a big thanks to them too.

And so it was time for a final circuit round the bay before a thorough wash-down then rehouse. A busy but, successful and mostly enjoyable weekend.

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