Saturday, 29 August 2009

The day of the Dragon

Powerboat racing is fast, exciting and not without it's fair share of danger. Today we were called out to assist with the rescue and recovery of the crew of one of the boats taking part in the Classic Cowes Torquay Cowes offshore race. It would seem that they had experienced a problem with their exhaust manifolds and before they were aware of the severity of the problem their craft had filled with too much water for their pump to cope with.

By the time we arrived on scene the vessel was mostly submerged with only the last 10 - 15 feet of the bow remaining visible above the waters surface. Luckily both of the crew had been recovered safely and uninjured by one of the event safety craft.

Once we had got the tow rigged we began a lengthy tow back towards Old Harry we were joined by Poole ILB with several more pumps so that they could try coming alongside and pumping the boat dry.

Unfortunately this didn't work so we decided to tow the vessel into shallow water where we would anchor it safely for a suitably equipped salvor to come and deal with it later.

Poole ILB assisted with this before heading back off towards Poole...hopefully they found their way alright ;-)

And there it is, safely in the shallows ready to be salvaged. Rare is the occasion when we don't manage to bring the casualty vessel ashore...on this occasion it just wasn't possible with the equipment we had. Ultimately we have to remind ourselves that our job is purely to save life...the toys just have to look after themselves sometimes.


Unknown said...

"our job is purely to save life...the toys just have to look after themselves sometimes."
Well said, I think a few more boat owners should remember this.
Great set of shots though, I have always enjoyed reading about what the lifeboat gets up to.

Nikki Harman said...

I sometimes wonder why it's fine to "Play" out at sea without having to be tested in some way, but to be able to use a vehicle on the roads you have to prove some level of competency. At any rate, well done to you lot for saving those who are in trouble!

Next week is the 09/09/09 and I wanted to cover the 4 services in my blog - can you let me know if I could come to take a pic of the lifeboat/crew members on the day??