Saturday, 15 August 2009


As I type the build-a-boat competition ins underway. Equipped only with one sheet of ply, a few screws, one tube of glue and a few other bits and bobs, each team has to build a craft capable of navigating a course on the sea with one crew member onboard.

Two teams turned up additionally equipped with a case of Stella, some potent looking cider and a sack load of enthusiasm (though seemingly little understanding of the art of Naval Architecture).

Nick Harris' creation is looking good.

And Team Brian & George are creating an optimistic design once again.

The sea trials take pace at about 4.30 this afternoon so make sure you come down to generally provides a few laughs!

Naturally both our Lifeboats will be launching to provide whatever assistance may be required!


Nikki Harman said...

Hi there, looks like I missed the boat with getting this on my blog...yeah, pardon the pun! Looks like it was fun!
Thanks for visiting my blog and for the link.I guess I might well see you later this evening for the BBQ and band before the fireworks.

tinker6711 said...

Think you missed a boat there john?...

lifeboatjohn said...

It was a boat?!

tinker6711 said...

Fair comment!