Friday, 14 August 2009

Flag Day

So today, as well as being the first big night down at Prince Albert's Gardens, is also the day when our supporters in town hit the streets and shack their tubs raising money for the RNLI. I've just had a quick scout around town and here are a few photos of the great and the good doing their stuff.

Katrina (Mrs Cox'n) was out with one of her lovely dogs shaking her funky thing outside of Boots.

Meanwhile Robin was lost in translation with a couple of visitors from Latvia.

Almost every shop door had some kind supporter encouraging passers by to help us in what we do.

Katrina's sister, Belinda was there too on the sunny side of the street.

Well done and thanks to you all for you valued support...

Too many Florence nightingales
Not enough robin hoods
Too many halos not enough heroes
Coming up with the goods
So you though you'd like to change the world
Decided to stage a jumble sale
For the poor, for the poor

(The Housemartins - Flag Day)

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