Saturday, 15 August 2009

Let's partay!

So last night was the first big night of the Lifeboat Weekend. What a party it was. Coming as it did at the end of probably the best day of summer so far, it was an incredible success.

The boys behind the bar seemed to be having a great time as usual though they were as busy as I can ever remember it being.

My mate John Deering and his band, the Wiseleys, came and played two fantastic sets which really got the evening rocking. As with all the bands this year they gave their time and incredible talent for free...nice one guys! If you are reading this in the West London area and need an awesome party band, give them a call...

KT was awesome as ever on her Viola (like a violin but bigger and deeper I am told).

NuffSaid also turned up for yet another tremendous performance. Without doubt Nick and his gang are turning out to be one of the premier acts in the area. Great stuff which really got the night off to a rocking start. Thanks!

And the crowd loved it all.

If you missed it, come on down to Prince Albert Gardens this evening and witness the fun all over again.

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