Friday, 21 August 2009

My afternoon...

Well, where do I start...we had two shouts today.

The first was somewhere about a mile south of Anvil Point light and involved collecting a dinghy which had become filled with water and snapped it's painter. Please don't ask me why we were asked to deal with this 'emergency' as I really wouldn't be able to answer (without becoming incoherent), however, we did launch, we did spend 30 seconds hooking it with our boathook, we did lift it carefully on deck and then turn for home where we put it on our mooring ready to be collected by it's owners later in the day. Presumably they were happy not to have had to deal with it themselves...

No sooner were we re-housed and on our way home, or back to work (for those who have the miss-fortune to have to work during the months of July and August), than our pagers went off again. This time we were tasked to head to St Alban's head to search for a yacht which had been spotted seemingly in trouble. When, after an hours searching in vain, nothing was found, we headed back to the boathouse.

The only exciting part of the afternoon was for Sam who had the first shout of her lifeboating career...well done Sam, you acquitted yourself well and I look forwards to the beer soon!

In the absence of a photo worth's another of the lifeboat service, this time from the camera of Rev Will Watts.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure the LOM will have an explanation....and I bet we would all love to hear it later!
Keep up the good work.

lifeboatjohn said...

Blimey...I've just re-read that post and realised how bitter and cynical it all sounds...oops!

Of course we were delighted to be of assistance.