Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Lost at sea

It would appear that our speciality this season is becoming the recovery of errant inflatables. A couple of weeks ago we were beginning to think that we were having a quiet season and suddenly we are almost as busy as we can remember.

yesterday we launched to a report of a motor cruiser which had lost it's life-raft overboard and had managed to get the painter or drogue line wrapped around it's propellers.

The raft proved hard to recover due to it being full of water so we put Daz into it to bail some of the water out. Once that was done it was recovered to our deck and the vessel taken in tow back towards Swanage.

After a couple of mishaps we got underway and returned to the bay where the vessel was attached to our mooring so that a diver could have a look at the props to see what could be done.

Soon afterwards all of the wayward rope was cut from the shafts and props and the vessel continued on it's way to Poole.

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