Sunday, 13 May 2007


Did I mention that it was a bit lumpy out on exercise yesterday morning?
At times the ILB was almost entirely hidden from view as they practised for heavy weather in the tidal race at peveril.
This is really beyond the limits of their operating envelope, however, with a good helmsman and us close by it is good realistic experience to get.
There is no getting away from it is damned hard on the body and not even slightly comfortable!


Savage Family said...

Lumpy - not heard that description! V. good

Looks great, as do the pictures on Mark's blog.

Said it before, but hats off to all of you who are prepared to go out in the sort of weather and conditions that sees most seafarers rushing in the opposite direction.

mk said...

I'm not sure if the 60's animated cartoon "Speedracer" ever made it's way to the UK, but you blokes look like a bunch of Speedracers with your white helmets all hunkered down in your raft. Check it out: or Wikipedia it.

Funny stuff.

All snarky comments aside, you guys have some serious cajones to be out in that stuff. I would need a clean pair of pants after that exercise.

lifeboatjohn said...

Ah, see what you mean Megan. Incidentally, it is the wonderful Tom driving the boat in those pics.......

Hope you are well