Thursday, 31 May 2007

Launch Request

Last night was a busy one for the Swanage Lifeboat crew, the Coastguard requested the launch of the ALB to assist a yacht that was in trouble, the boat launched at 18:03. I'll let Dave tell the tale..........

"Today saw the first service launch of our All Weather Lifeboat 'Robert Charles Brown' following her recent refit. Portland Coastguard received a VHF radio call from the single handed skipper of the yacht 'Vengara' saying that his forestay had snapped, he was having difficulty getting the sails down and was worried that the mast could come down at any moment, he was aprox 0.5Nm South of Old Harry and was being pushed to the North East by the wind and tide. The Lifeboat launched and was alongside the casualty a little over 10 minutes later. Crew member Steve Williams was put aboard to help secure the mast and get the sails down. Once this was down a tow line was passed across and the yacht was taken in tow towards Poole Harbour as its engine wouldn't start. As the two boats approached Poole Harbour entrance the problem with the yacht's engine was rectified and the skipper was left to return to his mooring under his own power. The Lifeboat was the released to return to station and was back on her slipway at 19:43."

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