Friday, 11 May 2007

The great and the good

Well, the great and the good of the Wareham branch of the RNLI came to the boathouse last night. Very enjoyable it was too, quite an experience for me as a teacher to find such a willing and well behaved audience. Indeed, seldom have I had such an enthusiastic audience prepared to suffer me talking about my passion for so long and in such detail. It was real 'pull up a bollard and lets talk about me' sort stuff. Of course, I was keen to pass on my detailed technical knowledge (stop laughing Dave) of the boat...........all they wanted was the gory details of our most heroic shouts. I did my best to enliven the stories and make them live up to their expectations. I can't help but think that perhaps I was faintly disappointing in my lack of heroics!?

Still, they were very generous and had provided a buffet supper for after the talks. I like to think that Gav, Rob and I displayed some true heroism in the way we tackled the mountain of food. Never let it be said that we ever fail to rise to a culinary challenge! To those who came, thanks for your interest and support and please come again.

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