Thursday, 3 May 2007

Brush strokes

Lifeboat crew are practical wouldn't necessarily expect them to have a great deal of artistic talent, however, last year we proved that this was not the case. Local artists Nina Camplin and Antonia Phillips (who work under the name of 'Shocked Custard') helped us to produce a total of three paintings of lifeboat scenes from the year. Each one was a collaborative effort by many of the crew. On completion they were auctioned to raise funds for the station. The one here depicts Kev and Paul engaged in a search using the 'x-boat' and was mainly done by Gav, Jon, Dave, Myself and Becky. It was of course great fun and raised a surprising amount of money. Naturally we will try to do this again this year.......perhaps we could auction one on here? Comments??


Savage Family said...

Sounds like a good idea..... I'd be up for that.

Anonymous said...

yes likewise I would be in on that. Perhaps you could put a link to an auction on ebay on here, then it would get a wider audience.

Ebay also support the RNLI. see that link for more details.


mk said...

Will there be a painting of Tom?

(Okay- now I'm just trying to get a reaction out of you!)

lifeboatjohn said...

Sure MK, I'll order up the supersize canvas and bucket loads of paint now!

Anonymous said...

Great idea, Nina and I will be happy to help if you need...we also have lots of paint!
Let me know!


lifeboatjohn said...

Ah, Antonia, I was just hinking about giving you a call to ask! Perhaps we can paint one of the images from the blog? I'll have a look back through and see if I can find something suitable.

Like the pierhead!


Anonymous said...

Excellent idea, maybe set it up for Lifeboat w/e? Anyway we can supply the canvas and paint...

And thank you for the links - sorry I forgot to say before!