Friday, 25 May 2007

Lights, Camera, Action!

As we wave John off on his adventure and with the baton firmly in my hand, I will do my best to fill Johns boots and rather large boots they are too.

We regularly have people who come to see us at our station, whether they are first time visitors who've come to see what it's all about, regulars who know the drill, or people who've come for a specific purpose, they are all welcome. We had one such visitor for our exercise on Wednesday night, Jeremy a camera man who was doing some filming for the company that make our pagers. After a quick hair and makeup session, the crew headed out to sea so that some of the action could be caught on film. Lets hope that he managed to get some good footage that will highlight the work that the RNLI does.

1 comment:

Mart said...

And how long does your hair stay perfect and as intended when you're at sea? About halfway down the slipway?