Saturday, 19 May 2007


Lots of lifeboating things happen backwards. Both of our boats have to be recovered by reversing slowly towards a relatively small target. Here Gav demonstrates with consummate skill how to manoeuvre the ILB back on to it's carriage.As ever, he makes a seemingly impossible task look straight-forward.From a distance he lines the boat up in what he feels is the right position. He then engages reverse gear, sights over the top of the engine and aims the prop at the centre of the carriage.A few small adjustments later and she is up against the stops. He cuts out the engine then gracefully climbs over the sponson. The waiting shore crew takes over the boat; cleans her, fuels her and replaces anything lost or damaged.


Anonymous said...

Backwards . . that's about right for Vag! Makes a change to line the prop up with the middle of the carriage... as opposed to the side!

Anonymous said...

one day i might let you try it!!

lifeboatjohn said...

Oh dear.......they've finally learnt how to leave comments!