Sunday, 13 May 2007


We exercised this morning with my two good kayaking friends Mark and Heather Rainsley. They are both exceptionally skilled paddlers and just the people to lend some reality to an exercise involving lifeboats and kayaks. The weather was realistic to say the least and it was very easy to replicate a real life rescue scenario. However, we proceeded slow time and spent time talking through likely situations, casualty management and how to handle and recover a water filled Kayak. Both Mark and I realised that once you are in a situation in a kayak where you need rescuing, there is no escaping the fact that you are in a very vulnerable position indeed. We are very grateful for both Mark and Heather's efforts on our behalf. I know that their presence this morning has given the crew a very positive glimpse of how sea kayakers operate. Thank you! See Mark's rather jolly account of the morning here.

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Anonymous said...

Hello John, Mark's dry suit seems quite full of air. Did he did it on purpose to gain buoyancy?