Friday, 1 February 2008


Last Saturday was the RNLI SOS day at Harman's Cross. It was a small affair but well set up and well attended. Rob was there holding fort with an old 'D' class lifeboat (interestingly the firstone ever to be produced in orange rather than grey fabric).The guild ladies were out in force with there mobile shop selling all the usual goodies.And of course the great and the good, our Lifeboat Operations Manager Neil Hardy and Chairman Robin Tiller (and there better halves).My two girls enjoyed the whole thing. Sadly I don't think it was the attraction of the lifeboats but rather the combined pleasure of seeing Sarah and Becky.Ultimately these things are about raising funds but also raising awareness of what we do. So £1200ish was a welcome addition to the coffers and the event certainly helped raise awareness. A good show.

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