Thursday, 31 January 2008

All in a days work

Well yesterday turned out interesting. Just as I was getting back from an away Rugby fixture for school, I got a call from the delightful Tamsin Thomas asking if I would do a radio interview with FireFM and give some advice on staying safe near the cliff edge. The interview took place as I was sat in a layby on the way home. The girls were sat in the back and were very well behaved, indeed, Charlotte fell asleep and can be heard faintly snoring in the background! I have to confess, 'till yesterday I had never heard of FireFM........more of a radio 4 listener myself. Anyway, hopefully I made sense and avoided saying anything too stupid. It should be aired this afternoon, I'll try to get an audio copy and post it here tomorrow.

I then got home to find an e-mail from a friend who publishes a Kayaking magazine asking for pictures of flares being fired. Hopefully I have managed to oblige here too?

So, all in all a busy day smoozing with the media! Yeah, dream on Gilmour.........

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