Thursday, 28 February 2008

Busy Wednesday

One way or another yesterday was busy.

Firstly at about 2 in the afternoon Portland Coastguard paged the DLA and asked for the ALB to be launched to a 45 foot yacht with 2 people aboard. It was becalmed about 2 miles South of Anvil Point with a rope round its prop.

The Mersey launched 12 mins later and was soon alongside the yacht. A towline was passed across and after checking that there was no other damage the yacht was towed back to Swanage and was secured to the Lifeboat mooring in Swanage Bay.
Later in the early evening local diver, Robin Plowman, went out to the yacht and cleared the obstruction allowing the vessel to continue her passage today.

Just as the evenings exercise was about to commence at 7, Martin sprung a dramatic multi casualty Medical Exercise on the crew. Paul Savage had provided the casualty scenarios and various friends acted as the casulties. Observing was a Coastguard colleague who is also an ambulance paramedic.

Here Kev deals with a young man who has fallen, was unresponsive and had a suspected spinal injury and significant bruising.....certainly 'Big Sick'.

Gav was dealing with a lady who had some nasty puncture wounds, looked a real mess but was in reality only 'Little Sick'. Gav treated what he could and then stayed with her providing comfort and reassurance. Alltogether, a very well conducted exercise.

Immediately afterwards both boats went to sea on exercise and completed various evolutions in the bay. The ALB took an inexperienced crew out; Jo had a first go at using the Radar under Dave's supervision, Gav navigated, Matt was Mechanic and Tom took on the role of second Cox on deck. A good learning experience for all.

On completion a quick de-brief then down to the Ship for the analysis!


Anonymous said...

How did it all go?
Any skill fade evident?

Anonymous said...

...only the ability to use a watch eh Gilmour?..;-)

Unknown said...

Timing was great - long enough since the course to have to think back, not too long for it to have been lost.

Great scenarios, Paul, and great acting all round. My own casualty, the lad in the picture, only became 'alert' from 'unresponsive' when we were about to cut his jacket off :)

Anonymous said...

Hi John, Finally got round to setting up a google account etc, to enable me to comment on your blog, as back last year you were not too sure if anyone was reading it, well we certainly are and enjoy the regular updates from that recently discovered haven of Swanage.Keep up the blog and the lifeboats. All the best Simon and Co in Nottingham