Wednesday, 6 February 2008

15 Years service

Gordon here is 70! He's been one of the DLAs in Swanage for very nearly 15 years. He began his work as a DLA on April Fool's day 1993 and has tirelessly served the RNLI and the crew here in Swanage. Now the job of the DLA can be pretty thankless. In effect during a shout they are the highest authority at the station. So once they have given their permission for the boat to launch they are left trying to manage the crew that remain, a job not unlike trying to herd thin air. Despite this Gordon has always exercised a light touch and done a marvellous job.

I have no doubt we will continue to see lots of Gordon. But in the meantime, thank you from all the crew and have a happy retirement!


Anonymous said...

That's pretty impressive. Congratulations to Gordon. He doesn't look 70, it must be associating with all you youngsters.

John, I have a request: For all us readers who aren't intimately familiar with the RNLI please could you do a post on abbreviations? For example, what does DLA actually mean?

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy

DLA stands for Deputy Launching Authority. He (or she) is usually the first person the Coastguard will contact to request a launch and he will then make the decision as to which boat or boats are sent to sea. He can activate the pagers to alert the crew via his mobile phone, and will then attend the boathouse to oversee the rescue from the shore, deal with any problems or survivors and write up the report which is required by Headquarters. He is a very important person.

Dave Corb (who just happens to be duty DLA)

Mart said...

So if DLA is deputy, does that mean there is a Chief Launching Authority?

lifeboatjohn said...

Andy, you're right, he doesn't look 70. More like 80!

Dave, thanks......can always rely on you to answer complicated questions!!

mart, there is a Chief Launching Authority except he's not called that, to complicate things he is called the LOM or Lifeboats Operations Manager.