Friday, 15 February 2008


Sadly my Headmaster has told me that I am not allowed to come to school and teach for the next's half term you see, and I now have to wait a week before I can have the pleasure of the little darlings again.

Oh well, I'd better make the most of it I guess and go somewhere fun. The plan is to head up to North Wales to spend a week Mountainbiking in Snowdonia. In my absence Gav has agreed to try and keep you amused, lets hope he does as well as all the other guest bloggers have done, no pressure Gav!


Anonymous said...

I read this article

Mart said...

Hello Gav - looking forward to your posts (Generally because guest bloggers always seem to reveal something funny about John!!)

Anonymous said...

Vag, shame you've had to go back to work or you'd have nearly as much blogging/spare time as John. If you want any help with speeling or punktuation then let me know. DT