Monday, 4 February 2008

There but for the grace..........

It would have been hard to have missed the stories in the press last week of vessels aground at various locations around the British Coastline. Sadly one of these vessels was one of our own, the Severn class Portrush Lifeboat. It looks likely that she will end up a total write off having suffered significant hull damage after several days worth of pounding at the mercy of the pretty ferocious weather.

And that is the problem with lifeboating. You go out there at the very moment when everyone else is running for cover. Often you are required to get close in to the cliffs, rocks or reefs. Taking risks to save the lives of others. By the law of averages this doesn't always have a happy outcome. Luckily on this occasion no one was badly injured and no lives were lost. The crew will be struggling to come to terms with this difficult loss. My thoughts are with them.

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Mart said...

I have followed this story, mainly via lifeboats24-7 forum. You are right it is a very sad sight to see and you can't help but feel for the crew involved.

But as you say, lives were potentially saved not lost. Yes I know boats have characteristics and what have you but they are material and can be replaced.

Last I read about it is that they are hoping to be able to salvedge the boat, I heard that the hull is almost certainly a write off but the superstructure and mechanics should be able to be saved.

Stay safe out there, this could have been a lot worse.