Saturday, 9 February 2008


Now I've long held the view that it's best not to spring suprises on older people. In my experience they tend not to like them too much and they can, in extreme cases, have life limiting consequences.Despite this, Martin's family last night arranged a suprise party for him in the Ship. And what an awesome do it was. The place was full to the gunnels with seemingly everyone I know in Swanage, there was superb food and of course a group of men fiddling in the corner. Being an athletic bunch the crew (and the rowing club) rose to the challenge of a spot of extreme dancing. As usual, the casualty rate was high but the spectacle was extraodinary to watch.And Martin, the centre of attention looked pleased as punch. And, when you consider this fine photo on his birthday cake, the years have actually been pretty kind to him! Here's to the next 50 mate!

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Anonymous said...

A great night was had by all, although I wonder if many are able to walk this morning after watching the frantic dancing. And the Huckleberrys were excellent.