Monday, 11 February 2008

The youth of today..........

Plucky Weymouth teenager Seb Green is about to walk around the coast of Britain. The 18-year-old will spend nearly a year walking 5,821 miles (9,367km) with his border collie dog, Flash. He's going to do this to 'give something back' after his foolish actions 3 years ago when he and a friend took a boat for a joyride in Portland harbour but became trapped in mud in the Fleet and had to be rescued by coastguards, two helicopters and a couple of lifeboats. Part of Seb's mission will involve raising awareness of sea safety for the RNLI and giving talks to youngsters.

Seb admitted: "It was a very stupid thing to do. At the time I felt extremely guilty but as time has moved on the sense of guilt has faded because I am now planning to repay the community for the money I wasted and repay some of the money it cost to rescue me."

You can find out more here.

(Photo: Martin Singer)


René Seindal said...

Well, he's grown from the experience, in a very positive manner, and if he can transmit some of that to others, it is very good.

We all make mistakes. The important thing is to learn from them, and share what we've learnt, and Seb does both.

I hope he has a good journey. Good move to bring the dog. He'll probably be invaluable company.

Anonymous said...

I am sure I seen the incident on seaside rescue, As said above he has learned something from it, good on him!
Take care