Sunday, 2 September 2007

Turns out, size does matter!

Tom, our resident fisherman is a great chap. He looks after me and my family very well by supplying us with a regular supply of fish and crustaceans. This afternoon he rang me and was very happy with can probably work out why! Photos never truly do justice to creatures of the deep, however, take it from me.....this was one large fella. 7lbs to be precise. So big in fact that he wouldn't fit in my usual large lobster boiling pan. Indeed, he didn't fit in my enormous large ham boiling pan. Sadly, I had to remove his claws before cooking him. No easy feat I can tell you.
Still, I'm sure he will taste fantastic......I'll let you know!


Anonymous said...

Ouch - poor lobster!!!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the lobster was dead before you cut his claws off??? If not, maybe you should have made sure that you had a pot big enough for that 'fine specimen' and, if not, done the decent thing and returned him to the sea!