Wednesday, 26 September 2007


Funny things lobsters. Hugely expensive to buy, succulent and tasty to eat. And surprisingly simple to catch.

I spent a good amount of my summer hauling pots and boiling lobsters. Great fun it was too. But perhaps the most satisfying part of it has been the fact that all of the materials used have been recycled. I guess in the old days this would have been referred to as beach-combing. Call it what you will, over the last couple of winters I have returned from walks on windswept beaches laden with old floats, crushed lobster pots, bits of rope, spinners, hooks and pot necks.........all of it damaged but good enough to catch me a few lobsters. I've even managed to get my friends in on the act, Mrs R returned form the Scilly Isles at half term with a smashing float which has since served me very well.

But as with all fishing there is always 'the one that got away'. And this picture is my 'one that got away'. On a recent Sunday exercise Gav and Chad spotted this beauty and retrieved it from between some rocks. Without doubt the finest beach-combed pot I have ever seen. It should have been mine......Oh yes! it should have been mine.

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