Friday, 14 September 2007

Sitting here on top of the world

So I'm two weeks into my new job. For the last 8 months I have been terrified that by now I would be convinced that I had made a huge mistake and be regretting my move. I'm pleased to tell you, I am not. In fact, I am delighted with the move. Sadly it has reduced my availability for the lifeboat but that's the way life is........not always perfect. Still, it brings the reward of an extra 4 weeks Holiday a year to add to my already munificent 13 weeks a year. I've worked out that this means I work 175 days of the year and have 190 of them off to recover from the stresses which it might impose!! Not surprisingly I consider this fact to be one of the most compelling reasons to teach.

Happily all this time gives me plenty of time for reflection. I think it is time I spent some of this time sorting out my lifeboat photographs which have sadly turned into a pretty dreadful unstructured mess. Still, the odd little gem just pops up when you are least expecting it. I rather liked this one, it shows the boat heading out onto a shout early one morning towards the end of August. Annoyingly I could not be on board. Nevertheless, the lads did a fine job and delivered a paramedic to a crew member of a sail training vessel who was experiencing some difficulties.

Sitting here on top of the world
I got everything
I need from this world
Oh tonight, I got it right
Just one time

Cruising down the Sunset Strip
And there is nothing that's not,
That's not within my grip
Oh tonight, I can fly
I can fly

(Courtney Love)

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