Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Essential Kit (part II)

Rather Pleasingly this photo shows me in action with my two favourite pieces of 'Essential Kit'. On this occasion the megaphone was being used to inform folk on the beach of our lifeboat day (I think). Perched on my head you can also spot my sunglasses. Now these may appear to be mere vanity, however, search for anything at sea on a sunny day for long and you will be mightily glad of a pair of polarising sunglasses. We are issued with a couple of pairs on the boat but I prefer to use my own. Here they are in action. (Thanks to Andy Lions for the photo).

And of course it
wouldn't be like me if
I didn't bring along -
Some sunglasses
to hide behind. Sunglasses
to cry behind.
to die behind.

(Tracy Ullman)

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