Monday, 17 September 2007

A busy weekend

September is a great month. The vast majority of the tourists have packed up and gone home. Those people who are out tend to be locals making the last of the good weather. Not surprisingly they sometimes get caught out as the weather deteriorates and fresh breezes spring up without warning.

Both shouts this weekend were simple jobs which came to nothing really but were perfectly valid calls by the Coastguards. The first was a yacht aground at Old Harry. Fortunately he got himself off before we arrived. The ILB escorted him on his way to check that he was not taking water. The second was a windsurfer apparently in difficulties close to Old Harry. Several members of the public had called the Coastguard to alert them to his perceived plight. As it turned out he was was fine. The ILB escorted him home to Bournemouth too. So there you go. A busy September weekend with thankfully nothing nasty to report.

The cold north wind they call "La Bise"
Is swirling round about my knees,
Trees are crying leaves into the river;
I'm huddled in this french café
I never thought I'd see the day,
But winter's here and summer's really over,
And even the birds have packed up and gone,
They're flying south with their song,
And my love, she too has gone, she had to fly,
Out there, it's such a lonely sky,

(Chris de Burgh)

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