Thursday, 20 September 2007

Business as usual.

Last night was exercise night and there was a good turn out. Unusually the ALB went to sea with a crew who were all practically fully trained for their roles onboard. This made for a slightly different exercise where the emphasis was more on doing than learning. No more than 1 minute after launching Martin threw an engine room fire at us and like seasoned pros the lads fell to their tasks. And slick it was too. We then ran through some search patterns, the drogue and some boathandling before heading back to the boathouse for a crew-meeting. This turned into something of an epic. As usual we discussed the successes and the areas for improvement in what we do before moving on to crew matters. Well done to Becky who has now completed her Probationary period and is a full on crewmember. Some other, slightly harder, decisions were made. Hopefully these will prove to have been the right ones.

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Savage Family said...

Ouch..... the last sentence sounds ominous :-(

hope all is well with you and the job is going well.