Monday, 2 July 2007

Who's who

Dave, our mechanic is bit of a IT guru. He maintains and indeed built our station website. At present he is in the process of updating the crew info section of this and has asked me to write a short 'Bio' of each crewmember. This is actually harder than it sounds as there is very little about any of our crew which is suitable for public consumption. Anyway, always up for a challenge I've sent each of them a little questionnaire so that I can have at least a few facts upon which to base my lies. So, as a starter, here is the first one I have done, I give you, the one and only, Jonnnnnnnnnnnn Deare (bythe way, the photo is of Jon and shows his good side....):

Jon joined the crew in 1988 so is approaching the magical 20 years service. He is our head launcher which gives him the un-enviable task of trying to tame the kindergarten while we are away on shouts. He claims to have once had a proper job, however, he now lists his occupation as ‘beach hut manager’. We’ve no idea what this involves but suspect that it allows him plenty of time to indulge his favoured pass time of bird watching. When not at ‘work’ or at the boathouse Jon is most likely to be found at the pub, indeed, because of him our exercise schedule is determined by the opening times of the ‘Crow’s nest’. His lifeboating claim to fame is having once shared a stretcher with a labrador suffering from urinary tract failure………mm, nice!


Anonymous said...

I see you have made it to wikipedia, very cool

Anonymous said...

I really really hope that an old photo of the maroons being fired!

lifeboatjohn said...

As it happens it is! I'm going to have to be careful here aren't I!