Friday, 6 July 2007

Fancy a challenge?

Have you ever wanted to build a boat? Have you ever wondered what is the largest boat that can be built from one sheet of plywood? Want to combine your love of carpentry and swimming? Ever wanted to try your hand at being ‘up a creek without a paddle’? Then the inaugural Swanage Lifeboat 'Build-a-Boat’ competition is for you. The rules are simple:

You can enter as a Team or an individual.
You can do as much research before hand as you like but can only bring one sheet of A4 notes/drawings with you on the day.
You provide all your own tools (battery operated tools are allowed but not mains).
We provide the materials:

· 1 x sheet of 9mm x 1200mm x 2400mm ply
· 2 x 2400mm lengths of 25mm x 50mm baton
· 1 x Box of 25mm pins
· 1 x Box of 25mm nails
· 1 x Polyurethane glue
· 1 x Roll of duck tape
· A paddle

The competition will take place on Saturday 18th August and will start at 11:00 and building must be completed by 16:00, judging will be on the water, the first boat (paddled by one member of the building team, he/she must be wearing a buoyancy aid/lifejacket, provided by you) to complete the course (from the Quay to Main Beach) will be deemed to have won.

At the end of the competition the boat that you have made is yours to keep and we ask that you arrange to have it collected from the area by the Tourist Information Centre on the seafront ASAP.

If you would like to enter the competition contact the boathouse and return the completed entry form to ‘Jewsons’ by Sat 4th Aug.


Mart said...

That sounds like fun, I trust we will get a report on the days activities?

I would, of course, enter, except I fear I would probably design and build the worlds first plywood submarine!!

lifeboatjohn said...

There will of course be a report Mart..........I fancy having a go myself. What do you think?


Mart said...

Well the best reporters are those on the inside aren't they?! Yeah go for it, it sounds like a cracking day!

haddock said...

baton ?
tut tut will be batten,

lifeboatjohn said...

Teachers hey?!

Mart said...

Hi John, sorry to dig out an old post, did you enter this competion in the end? How did it all go?

lifeboatjohn said...

As it turned out Mart I didn't have a go as we were all flat out organising other stuff. However, it did go very well and I think there were 5 or 6 teams entered and completed the challenge in the rain!