Thursday, 26 July 2007

Exercise 'Wise Council'

In brief, today's exercise consisted of the Purbeck Princess with 102 people on board, 10 of whom had serious injuries following an explosion. A further 3 had taken to a liferaft and were unaccounted for.

Swanage ILB was first on scene and did their utmost to triage the casualties. Swanage Lifeboat came alongside with personnel and did its utmost to coordinatethe scene. Both Poole lifeboats assisted (at least, I think the Atlantic was Poole's) as well as a Tamar class Lifeboat (1606) and an Atlantoc 85 (B-802). Rescue Helicopter India Juliet was requested, but was unable to help out in the end.

The Casualties (burns, open fractures, heart attacks, chest wounds) were all very realistically made up and well acted, adding to the seriousness of the situation.

The liferaft and missing persons were very effectively dealt with by B-802. So efficiently, in fact, that after the initial request to 'go search for it' was issued, very little communication was needed.

Casualties were first aided, evacuated to either Poole Lifeboat or the Tamar and taken into Poole Harbour. The Purbeck Gem herself was towed from the confines of Studland Bay to deeper water before a mysterious voice known as 'Exercise Control' declared an end. Something like an hour from launch.

But if I've made it sound like a slick operation without a foot put wrong, then think again! Communications were very difficult as all units were trying to get help in or information out. I can't imagine Portland Coastguard got a clear picture of the situation. I'm pretty certain that I didn't either! We returned to station with 'missing' a crewman (we knew where he was, just not on our boat!). It'll take us a couple of days to find where all our kit's gone and who all this other stuff belongs to!

So in conclusion: Job Done. Some good points, and some not so good. Lessons learned and feedback gratefully received. Thanks Robert, but could we do it the summer next time?

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Mart said...

Sadly it is summer!! :o(

Lol. Sounds like an interesting and worthwhile day, and an interesting insight to it!